Monday, June 11, 2012

Nepali Actress Jesica Khadka (Jyoti Khadka) Commits Suicide

Nepali Actress who acts in more than half dozen of nepali movies had comitted suicide last night at Basantapur in her room.The Police had not found the exact reason of suicide,she hang her self by her scarf.

The police have taken Baldip Rai with whom she was talking last night till 2 am.
Her Movie Jungle Queen is about to release this june 22,she has changed her name from jyoti khadka ko jesics khadka because,later days she in controversy with singer prakash ojha.

Her Death body was taken to the teaching hospital for the postmartam.Police was still inspecting the suspects of the incident Baldip Rai.She was staying with her brother at basntapur,Kathmandu.


  1. What is that commits khadka? She commits suicide.

    1. thank you for the response its corrected now....